In 1982, the Doctor Who production office was sent a promotional flier from Chris Padmore and Mike Power from CP Cybernetics. The flier publicised a robot that could walk, talk and operate pre-programmed movements on cue. The robot eventually became Kamelion. Here is the full text of the flier.

I am a computer controlled fully automated Android. I consist basically of three elements. The mechanical structure, the power unit and the control system.

My control system and keyboard is for setting up and controlling a situation. Using the keyboard it is possible to teach me to take up a position. I can then remember the routine and am able to imitate it again and again.

My head, my programme and my total appearance can be changed very easily to suit your every requirement. With the option of speech I can be your point-of-sale attraction, enhance your exhibition, or simply replace the conventional shop window dummy. Nothing attracts and holds the attention of the passer-by, nor captivates his interest so much as figures made to move by mechanical means.

If you would like more information or a full, working demonstration please contact CP Cybernetics.




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