Doctor Who made a triumphant return to our screens on 15th April, and the series has never looked better. Let’s meet some of the talented people who worked behind-the-scenes on the opening episode of Series 10: The Pilot.

Lawrence gough

Director Lawrence Gough

Director: Lawrence Gough

Lawrence Gough directed the first two episodes of Series 10, The Pilot and Smile. He was also responsible for the short ‘trailer’ which introduced Pearl Mackie as Bill, entitled Friend from the Future. His other TV credits include Snatch, The Aliens, Endeavour, Atlantis, Misfits and Hollyoaks.


Director of Photography: Ashley Rowe

Ashley Rowe was the Director of Photography on The PilotSmile and Thin Ice in Series 10. He previously worked on Kill the MoonMummy on the Orient Express and The Return of Doctor Mysterio. His other recent TV credits include Close to the Enemy, GalavantAtlantis and Merlin.

Production Designer: Michael Pickwoad

Michael Pickwoad has been the Production Designer on Doctor Who since A Christmas Carol. His other recent TV credits include Class, A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Prisoner and Marple.


Michael Pickwoad’s TARDIS looks stunning in The Pilot

Visual Effects: Milk VFX

Milk VFX, have been responsible for the visual effects work on the majority of Doctor Who episodes since The Day of the Doctor. Several of Milk’s founding staff worked on Doctor Who as part of The Mill’s TV department.

The Milk team for The Pilot included:

  • Vicki Juhasz: Roto/Prep
  • Daniel Rawlings: Visual Effects Editor
  • Alex Balmer: Digital Compositor
  • Paolo D’Arco: Compositor
  • Amy Felce: Matchmove Artist
  • Louise Hastings: Visual Effects Producer
  • Alessandro Neri: Roto Paint Artist
Milk VFX team

The team at Milk VFX

Special Effects: Real SFX

Real SFX have provided the special effects for Doctor Who since 2010. Other recent TV credits include Class, The Sarah Jane Adventures, TorchwoodSherlock, Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders.

The Real SFX team for The Pilot included:

  • Special Effects Technician, Real SFX: Gerry Glynn
  • Special Effects Supervisor, Real SFX: Danny Hargreaves (uncredited)
  • Special effects Coordinator, Real SFX: Jade Poole (uncredited)
Snow 3

Fake snow effects for The Pilot

Costume Designer: Hayley Nebauer

Hayley Nebauer is the Costume Designer for the whole of Series 10. Her other recent film and TV credits include The MusketeersAngelCyberbully and Thor: The Dark World.

Other members of the costume team on The Pilot included:

  • Costume Assistant: Rebecca Cunningham
  • Costume Assistant: Leila Headon
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Zoe Howerska
  • Costume Assistant: Jenny Tindle
  • Costume Supervisor: Kat Willis

The Doctor and Bill’s costumes from Series 10

Make-up Designer: Barbara Southcott

Barbara Southcott has been the main Make-up Designer on Doctor Who since The Runaway Bride. 

Other members of the make-up team working on The Pilot included:

  • Make-up Artist: Megan Bowes
  • Make-up Artist: Lolly Goodship
  • Make-up Designer: Barbara Southcott
  • Make-up Supervisor: James Spinks
Heather 1

Stephanie Hyam (Heather) has her watery ‘make-up’ applied

Art Director: Tim Overson

Tim Overson was the Art Director for all 12 episodes of Series 10. He also worked on The Return of Doctor Mysterio. His other TV credits include Outlander and Holby City.

Doctor's office

Production artwork for the Doctor’s office from The Pilot

Other members of the Art Department who worked on The Pilot included:


  • Supervising Art Director: Henry Jaworski
  • Graphics Assistant: Jack Bowes
  • Head Scenic Artist: Clive Clarke
  • Graphic Artist: Matthew Clark
  • Stand-by Art Director: Christina Tom
  • Draughtsperson: Julia Jones
  • Draughtsperson: Kartik Nagar
  • Concept Artist: Darren Fereday
  • Storyboard Artist: Adam Pescott

Storyboard 1Sound Effects

  • Sound Effects Editor: Harry Barnes
  • Foley Artist: Meltem Baytok


  • Stunt Performer: Troy Kenchington
  • Stunt  Co-ordinator: Andy Merchant




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